I have a BFA in Fine Arts specializing in Printmaking from the University of Kansas.

There are few things I love more than mixing ink, filing down the edges of a copper plate to achieve the perfect bevel, and tearing paper.

Though I majored in printmaking I only got the opportunity to take 2 classes in Intaglio, 1 in Serigraphy, 1 in Japanese Woodblock, and 3 in Letterpress (that’s not “printmaking” per say; but it utilizes similar materials and addresses similar problems such as fine art/design for the masses and how to give yourself lead poisoning/solvent based dementia before the age of 40). I took many classes in drawing however (5 to be exact), which I believe made me a stronger printmaker. How are you going to make great prints without a solid ground in graphite, ink, or charcoal? You could just be wasting copper/wood/stone/linoleum on bad doodles and even worse concepts. I’m not saying you can’t dive into printmaking, but it would be worth your time (and probably money, copper plates and studio time are not cheap) to get to know another media (and yourself) before you do.

I wish I could have taken more printmaking classes at KU. The faculty there is top-notch and the studio space is some of the nicest in the country.

Much Thanks to:
Yoonmi Nam
Michael Kreuger
Shawn Bitters


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