I’m sitting in the Manhattan surgical center waiting for my husband and so I have a lot of thinking time. I’ve been reading through my Feedly consuming articles on education, art, technology, and current news. I started a search for instructional technology jobs and it suddenly hit me that maybe it’s a better use of my skills and knowledge to not go into art eventually and get an MFA and teach art at the college level, but to use my background to ask questions that other people in educational technology/instructional design/educational research might not ask.

If I taught classes in Ed Tech at a college level I could push for not just teaching a handful of apps, but creative inquiry, and hands on exploration of technology and then how to apply it to education. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t know how to make the tech work for you, if you can’t hack your software or hardware, that you can’t really use it fully. I want teachers to not look at a computer like a magic box that holds them hostage, and I want to push them out of their comfort zones creatively.

So, maybe I should get a PhD in this field? Clearly I’m going to need to look into this more, I did see plenty of good/teaching jobs in higher ed that only required a MS, but I do have plenty of burning research questions, and I have an analytical mind, so it’s not like engaging in research and inquiry are foreign concepts to me.


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