Oil Painting Class

Surprisingly, I’m having fun in Oil Painting 1. I love learning new things, but have a tendency to get pissed off when certain things are requirements “just because”. I sense that certain classes are required of the Kansas Board of Regents for an Art Teacher degree because they want a well rounded artist (or person who is at least able to teach art). However, I have a BFA, and I managed to rack up over 100 studio credit hours in Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Book Arts, Photography, and Expanded Media so I’m definitely well-rounded. You only need 33 credits of studio art to get your endorsement in Kansas. You can see why I might have been a bit ticked off, yes?

Anyway, Kevin Bernstein is an excellent professor, and I’m glad that I get to both learn painting and how to teach a class. He’s super transparent with his teaching and thought processes and I really appreciate that. I brought in some of my specimens to paint off of, which is also helping me to stay engaged with learning. It’s easier to paint, if it’s something I care about.

I cleaned off one of the cow bones today and it is twice as gorgeous now. The textures on it are just amazing and the range of colors too. I wonder if I can get the amount of detail in oil that I get with my graphite drawings within a semester.








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