This cold hit me like a brick. I was fine at 4:30pm when I went to class on Tuesday, but by the end of class at 7pm I had a horrible sore throat and body aches. I stayed in bed all day Wednesday, and had to reschedule 2 important meetings with new clients :( UGH. I hate being sick, I hate being limited by my body. Now my sore throat is better and I haven’t had chills, but I’m so weak I can’t type for too long because my arms just can’t take it. Brandon brought me medicine yesterday around noon. I tried Sucrets for the first time this morning to get rid of the thick, phlegmy, scratchy feeling in my throat. Seriously weird stuff. My mouth is numb, which made eating breakfast not entirely pleasant, but the menthol helped clear up my sinuses a bit and my throat is better. I just hope this clears away and doesn’t go into my lungs. I had to miss Ceramics this morning, and I’m not happy about that because that class needs as much work as I can put into it. Also I’m really happy with my most recent project: a giant 2 foot pecan.


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