Computer Lab Aide Position open at MHSE

The job description on the USD #383 website is very out of date, and obsolete, so I made a new description of what my old job is/was.

MHSE Computer Lab Aide

Supervisors: Librarian and Library Media Clerk

People who will be successful at this job are very familiar with many different types of technology, highly skilled in critical thinking, able to communicate effectively with staff and students, creative, and tenacious when it comes to problem solving.

  • Help out teachers and students in the computer labs.
  • Troubleshoot various computer and peripheral (keyboards, projectors, printer, etc.) issues.
  • Update software for all lab computers and library computers on a bimonthly basis, or as needed.
  • Update plugins for browsers on a monthly basis, or as needed.
  • Update the iPad carts as needed.
  • Supervise students and staff in the labs. Use iTALC to monitor student activities; capture screenshots and lock student computers if students are using the computers improperly.
  • Research relevant software and iOS Apps to help facilitate learning.
  • Keep the labs clean and tidy, clean each lab thoroughly at the end of every semester (dust monitors, clean desks, keyboards, mice, etc.).
  • Be familiar with basic copyright laws and Creative Commons licenses, and inform students and staff if they are misusing media or citing it improperly.
  • Be familiar with MLA style citations and how to use various word processors (Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office, Pages, etc.) to create/format citations properly.
  • Maintain the Computer Lab and iPad calendars in Outlook.
  • Create helpful signs for the computer labs.
  • Collaborate with teachers to help them use technology in their curriculum. This might include helping a class film skits, helping students to create webpages, etc.
  • Refer problems with computers and peripherals to the proper people using IT Request.
  • Refer problems with the labs (broken light, AC not working, etc.) to proper people using email or Maintenance Request.
  • Set up the lab computers for and proctor Standardized Tests.
  • Help out librarians.



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