Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop

So we’re in the thick of the huge undertaking that is the Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop. This is my seventh year assistant directing and the 5th or so being in charge of graphic design, photography, and the design of the blog. Just being an assistant director is a full-time job, we spend around 32 hours a week just in sessions during the last three weeks, and probably another 5 or so on planning outside of the sessions. Gwethalyn, our director is probably managing to do twice this, she shows up at almost all of the 5 different small group sessions that meet 3-4 times a week and has meetings with our production staff.

I’m also taking a graduate class in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment at K-State. I’m attempting to get a teaching license and a M.S. In Secondary Curriculum and Instruction. I’m still interested in the Maine College of Art’s Visual Arts Education program. It would require me relocating to Portland, Maine, but Portland looks really nice. I’d also rather have a MFA than a M.S. K-State’s program is focused on teaching general pedagogy instead of art-specific pedagogy and continuing artistic development. By staying here though, I get to continue helping out the teachers at MHS East Campus with tech stuff. Either way I will end up with a teaching degree, and it probably won’t make a huge difference which university I get my grad degree from.


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