Flinn-style Tuna Salad

I have been making this dish for over 23 years. It’s one of the first things I learned how to make. Originally my parents would add diced hard-boiled egg, but I never liked it, so I’ve never made it that way. It’s super lemony and fresh tasting from all the veggies. Eat this on rye or pumpernickel bread, preferably with caraway.

This makes about 3-5 sandwiches, depending on the size of your bread and how much salad you pack on a sandwich.

1 can of Albacore Tuna

tunaThis is the brand that is line-caught and canned in Anacortes, WA where my parents now live. They send me a couple cans as gifts every once in awhile. It’s expensive compared to other canned tuna, but this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. It’s crazy delicious, meaty, and comes in quite a few flavors, including garlic, habanero, and jalapeño. This can is about twice the size of a regular can, so change the recipe according to the can of tuna you have.
3 stalks of celery
4 scallions
1 lemon
Yellow mustard
Mayonnaise (no Miracle Whip crap, that’s its own thing)

Drain the tuna and flake it up with a fork.20130924-210042.jpg

Juice half the lemon into the tuna. You might need to add the other half to taste. Assemble your veggies and chop them finely. 20130924-210055.jpg

Not too large or too small. The celery is there mostly for texture and if you chop it too small you lose that. Too large though and your salad won’t hold together properly and it will be a pain to eat it. 20130924-210132.jpg

Mix to combine and add a pinch of salt. 20130924-210208.jpg

Add a squirt of mustard and a spoon or two of mayo. Go light on the mayo. Add only enough to coat the salad. If you want more mayo though, I’m not going to stop you. It’s fine without it too. Just add a bit of olive oil if your tuna is dry. 20130924-210226.jpg

Put it on some delicious rye bread and eat it. 20130924-210238.jpg

This recipe works because it takes all the strong fishy (and delicious, but I love fatty fish) flavor, cuts it with some equally strong stuff (onion and lemon), and mellows it out with fatty mayonnaise, sweet celery, and earthy rye and caraway.


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