Seattle/Northern California Trip 2013

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July 22nd, Brandon and I will be going on a two week trip to visit friends and family in Seattle and then fly down to San Francisco to hang out in Occidental, CA one last time. I’m checking out museum exhibits to see what looks good and doing tons of research for what foods to try out.

takuanCultured Organic Pickle Shop
This pickle laboratory/store in Berkeley looks amazing since Brandon and I are both avid lovers of fermented foods. The owners seem to have a special place in their heart for traditional japanese pickling methods to boot. I also love their  scientific spirit.

In watching a couple of their videos, I was struck by the similar problem that we both have explaining what we do.  Many people have very specific (very wrong) preconceived notions for pickles and for prints (and graphic design, but I’ll stick to printmaking for now). I don’t do printmaking with a computer and a ink-jet printer, they don’t make pickles with hot vinegar and cucumbers. Pickling and printmaking are relatively simple, very old,  time-consuming, traditional processes. They also both start with P!

But I digress, I love food and I love art and I will find parallels between both of my practices whenever I can.

The photographs on their blog are also gorgeous. 

(image above of gorgeous takuan is from blog, I do not own it)


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