Stressful, but Fulfilling

My parent’s Kansas house sold last month, and the move out date for them was moved up by about a month. So instead of helping them move out in July (and having MXTW be over), I am helping them move out during the last 3 (and busiest) weeks of MXTW.

ImageI also wasn’t going to direct this year, but told Gweth that if she needed me I’d step up. She needed me. So now in addition to the typical assistant director load (though I am ony helping to direct one play this year, instead of two), I am working with all the 25th Anniversary stuff (merchandise and design), designing MXTW’s brand identity, managing the MXTW website, and documenting most of the sessions with my sweet new camera (Nikon D7000 bought used on eBay). If you want to keep up with that special little corner of craziness then check out And if you’re in Manhattan, KS on the 14th or 15th of June, come see this shit.

So moving. My parents also aren’t using a moving company and are DIYing this whole thing. There’s a garage sale next Saturday to get ready for.Dad and I conquered the upstairs living room in 5 hours today.ImageThat seems like a long time, but there were a lot of heavy, fragile, and difficult objects (like all of my sister’s pottery….Whit…).

Mum sent Dad Zingerman’s for his birthday; we’re making reubens tonight. And fuck yeah Zingerman’s Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake and tea break (that is ganache in the middle)! untitled shoot-307As if I needed another reason to go to University of Michigan for grad school…


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