Last week of work

I must apologize. I’ve been working non-stop since Friday on this green screen project for Ms. Lee’s Advanced English classes. 20130520-005641.jpgThere are 11 groups total. I give each 15 minutes of filming time. I filmed 6 of the groups on Friday and managed to finish 2 movies during work on Friday and another 2 this weekend. However, I spent an average of 5 hours editing each movie. Part of that is the computers at the school are VERY slow and using software that isn’t optimal for this sort of work. It only took me 3 hours to do the last film in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Therefore, I’m bringing my laptop into work and doing the rest with that since it has much better everything. This is all due Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be finalizing the official Windows 7 image for the school and giving the labs a thorough cleaning.

20130520-005914.jpgAND the Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop has started. We have less assistant directors this year (only 3, as opposed to 4)and WAY more kids (24 instead of 16). I wish we could have gotten more directors, especially because this year is the 25th Anniversary of MXTW and I am having to do a lot of extra design and marketing work.

I love working with MXTW, but I also want to have enough time to give to my letterpress. This summer I wanted to start binding books again and get started printing holiday cards early. I have a shop in Lawrence that it interested in my work, but they buy wholesale instead of commission. I need to figure out how that will work. I will definitely need to print in larger runs than 50 to turn any profit. Probably more like 200…

Add to this the fact that my parent’s house has sold, and I need to help my dad pack for his cross country trip before June 10th, and I am one insanely busy lady.

In the meantime, you can follow the MXTW blog to see my photographs of these young performers and maybe find out what experimental theater is, if you are new to it.


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