foot xrayDone with work for the next two weeks. Made up my final last on Monday. It’s been a week since my foot got run over, and I’m able to put all my weight on it, but it’s still very bruised and the tendons feel funny.

I need to design Valentine’s day cards, and more cards in general for Two Crow Press. I should also buy some more lead type for the potential Twitter Valentine’s that is Wonder Fair’s collaboration brainchild. I’m wondering if my partnership with K-State Made has been fruitful or not. That will be a big determining factor in whether or not I continue at K-State. Since I left the design department in October, I’ve been reconsidering getting another undergraduate degree. Sure I have a lot of hours under my belt already, and it will only be 3 more semesters, but how much debt does that rack up? Also my new degree will be in metalsmithing, which doesn’t make me any more marketable as an employee than printmaking. At least with graphic design there was a piece of paper that woud potentially get me a real adult job.

I want Two Crow Press to succeed  I am very happy when printing. I like seeing others like my designs and ask about the paper, how it was made, etc. I like being a small part of keeping letterpress alive. I like having my volunteer presshands come over and help with a job, drink tea, and have pleasant chats. I’m not sure if i can make it work here though :-/


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