missed flight, but not missed opportunities

Missed my flight back to Manhattan yesterday by 3 minutes. Luckily they gave me a ticket for today at the same time at no extra charge.

At first I was really sad, because I just wanted to go home and see Brandon and get ready for school and work to start again, but then I realized I basically had one free extra day in Seattle.

Called up Dustin and we met up with Samantha in SODO for lunch and dropped off all my luggage so I wouldn’t have to drag it around. Dustin was super nice and even took me to Paper Hammer, even though it was kind of a pain in the butt with lunch hour traffic and all. Paper Hammer is this great letterpress and bookbinding shop that showcases products made by its press in Tieton, WA.

and then we went on an epic (for me) bike ride from his house in Maple Leaf to Gasworks Park. It was about 7 miles roundtrip, and I haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years, or ever ridden in traffic, so that was a neat experience. My legs were jello afterwards.

Ate at Setsuna Japanese Restaurant for dinner, which as always was delicious. Their izakaya menu is just straight-forward, good, home cooking. This time I had their edamame, ohitashi (spinach in dashi), nasu nibitashi (eggplant in dashi), korokke (potato coroquettes), yaki gyoza, and karaage (japanese fried chicken). I wish I had ordered more vegetarian stuff for Dustin, because I forgot the spinach had bonito on it, and that I was going to order a veggie roll and a tofu dish, but there’s always next time. We also split some really good sake (Ichinokura) which went great with all the fried food.


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