Good Morning Sugarloaf

My trip up here is going well. I’ve managed to handle traveling by myself just fine. I spent Thursday at the Seattle Art Museum. The modern aboriginal art exhibit they have up right now is really amazing. The way physical space, mental space, and time all come together in the work is fascinating to me. Everything is there at once almost, and to the outsider it can seem cacophonous and not parseable. Not to mention it’s one of our species longest practiced art traditions (over 60,000 years). Unfortunately I only got to spend 4 hours there, and had to blitz through some sections in order to get back to SODO to have an amazing lunch with Samantha at Macrina. Then the amount of sun I’d gotten that day began to take toll and I was too tired to go back to the museum: I took a nap in Sam’s car. We met up with my sister in Ballard and ate at La Isla (absolutely delicious small plates). Then Jeremy (old MXTW friend) met us and we hiked into the woods and found this HUGE swing. I was too cautious to use it, but Whit tried it out. Then we went to the beach near there and watched the sun go down.

Yesterday, I was at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. It was much smaller so I didn’t spend 4 hours in it, but I took many pictures of all the ceramic and metal vessels that I liked. It’s a shame they didn’t have a partially catalog of works for sale in the gift shop. I ate a Pho Cyclo for lunch and met up with whit and spent hours in the park just enjoying the grass and shade. I still got too much sun. I should have brought a hat I guess.

And this was breakfast.

20120804-112433.jpgWell, that and half a morning roll from Macrina.


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