a mom and two trays of baklava

My mom is here in Manhattan, even though i thought she might not come down from the great damp north-west this spring. I’m glad she’s here, and I hope she takes one of the corgis back with her. Chewie would be happier with just my father all to himself (they are such bros) and Loki loves mom, and would go nuts over the chickens.

She got in around 8, and I got done with dinner at 8:45. After visiting with them I got to making the two trays of baklava for tomorrow’s Gay-Straight Alliance bake sale at the high school I work at. I am the sponsor of the GSA club, and when i was in it, my mom used to make baklava for our bake sales. It was always a big hit, not many mom’s would go to the trouble/expense of baklava. Butter is so expensive now (and nuts too). I think it costs me $16 to make a tray. And that’s not including labor, it’s kinda crazy, and perhaps I could better spend my time on making Puppy Chow or cookies, but it’s a novelty and thus a reason for people to walk over to our sale in the first place. And it’s much tastier than most cookies.

The announcement of Two Crow Press being open for business got me a new commission from a friend of mine. I get to do her graduation announcements. Due date is two weeks, so it will be a tough deadline, but I think I can manage. I got the design started and finished today in between cleaning and Type and Design class homework.

Sleep sounds so good right now. Making baklava hurts my back.


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