Seattle Bakeries/Cafes

I think the foods that really stood out to me in Seattle were the baked goods. They were consistently excellent, so I could have just picked really good places to eat at, or it’s actually that good.

Fresh Flours – The most excellent Japanese/French bakery I have eaten at to date. The matcha muffins were baked in mini panettone wrappers with whole adzuki beans; perfectly moist and delicious, with balanced sweetness and punchy matcha (they didn’t skimp on the good stuff). Additionally the Phinney Ridge location has FRESH seasonal wagashi made by a local artisan on the weekends. I couldn’t even source that stuff while I was in San Fran, it was all imported. Their macaron are also totally legit.

Cugini – My sister Whitney works here, and the little bitch will make you a damn good cup of espresso. The drip coffee is also really good, and I think their beans are supplied by Herkimer Coffee?. It’s super cozy upstairs too, not to mention the organic linens sold in the adjacent space are fun to look at. I loved walking though this part of Ballard, so many cool little shops, like the one that just sells succulents.

The Crumpet Shop – I had Ham on Egg, Whit got plain with honey, so good, and excellent quality tea.

Kaffeklatsch – Bienenstich and tea, yum.


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