The Things We Ate

So Brandon and I went on a trip to Anacortes and Seattle, WA to visit my family, and see my mom and dad’s new house and chickens. We spent 5 days in Anacortes and 7 in Seattle. I got to see my sister play a great show at the Tractor with a full band (bass, cello/guitar, drums) for the first time. We were cold the whole time we were up there, something about the wetness just seeped into our bones and stayed until we got back to Kansas. So even though it’s like -1 with windchill, it’s easier to get warm, because it’s dry cold. The past couple of years the dryness was a huge problem because I was getting really bad eczema on my arms and eyelids, but I haven’t had a problem with it this year. Why that is is probably a whole post of scientific conjecture…

We had a great time and got to see a lot of family and ate so much good food, because that is one of the pillars of my family. I think my favorite thing that I ate was the King Salmon that dad grilled.

I’m going to post what I thought of the places we ate at in Seattle in the coming days. I also have a bunch of pictures from Anacortes.


2 thoughts on “The Things We Ate

    1. I’m sorry, I will get that up ASAP! It’s a mixture of various recipes I’ve found online, and adapted to my own needs, I need to find the hardcopy that I used for the wedding, as that version was most tasty.

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