Holiday Bake-A-Thon Commence!

I managed to help Brandon get through finals week alive, and still keep a few shreds of my own sanity. The past month I’ve been in the sleep deprivation zone, and I’ve not enjoyed it. I like being able to wake up when the sun comes up and just launch into doing stuff. This morning I gathered all the winter clothes I wear, catalogued them (6 t-shirts, 2 pairs socks, 1 pair jeans, etc.), rolled them up, and packed them into my new duffle bag. Everything fit and it wasn’t too heavy. I’ll be taking care of my dad’s house and dogs while he’s visiting mum, that was why I packed up my clothes. Also after Christmas in Latham, Brandon and I will visit my family in Washington, so I’ll be out of Ella House for awhile. The additional benefit would be the feeling I get from pairing down my possessions to “essentials”. Now if only there was a decent clothing consignment shop in the area…I have about 2 trashbags full of things I don’t wear anymore, but are still quite nice.

So much baking to do…
Pfeffernusse (double recipe)
Cinnamon Stars (almond meringue cookies)
Challah (4 loaves?)
Pistachio/Cranberry Shortbread
Oat and Dark Chocolate Florentines


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