Dress design idea

Woke up, put on one of my floor-length dresses and thought of all the other high slit long dresses that I’ve seen various designers make in the past couple of seasons (The Furies and some other brands carried by Oak NYC come to mind). I like how they resemble medieval tabards and surcoats. A lot of what I wear is a modern interpretation of old styles. When I say old I mean 1390s, late 1790s, and 1914-1917. These time periods have been my favorite fashion-wise for quite some time. They are all fairly practical and have a somewhat dramatic (by modern standards) silhouette. I have some examples of how I work within these styles later…

For now the idea I woke up with! Long maxi dress with zipper slits. You could even have multiple zippers within zippers. For instance the first zipper opens to a full godet panel underneath, which itself has a functional zipper in the center. For days when one prefers less fullness in the dress, the extra fabric panels could be zipped out. With all these zippers and things, you’d want a somewhat sturdier fabric, not some flimsy rayon, but I think it would still be feasible in a knit fabric. For a simple design with only one zipper on both sides, you could have a looser cut as is one of the many styles that is popular at the moment. For the multiple zippers though, you would want a more fitted design, anchored on the underbust, waist, or hips. That would minimize unwanted stretching-out in the garment, and distribute the weight of the garment better. If this wasn’t done, I would be willing to bet the thing would put all it’s weight on the shoulders: making it uncomfortable, putting too much pressure on the bust and flattening it; and in a short time, stretching-out the shoulder straps in an unflattering way.

Will sketch and scan later today, I’m going to be late for work…


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