spider in my sink/return the camera

i slept in since class wasn’t in session at the high school today. a nice respite from having to wake up early to get the computers at the lab ready for this semester’s standardized tests.

there was a big spider in the kitchen sink. i should have taken it’s picture. kind of amazing, it managed to make a decent web around the inside of the sink, so it was hard to catch, but i finally managed that and let it go outside on the deck. it didn’t move at first, so i was worried that i had hurt its legs (a major issue in capturing and releasing arthropods). however, on closer examination it was just bending the legs towards its mandibles and cleaning them; they had probably gotten wet from the sink—spiders are like cats.

spent most of the day trying to get someone to take my evening shift at Varney’s Book Store, to no avail. i did manage to return the camera i was borrowing though. Havana Mahoney, a good friend and amazing young photographer (she did my wedding pictures), had the good heart to let me borrow her Nikon D90 for my California trip. i have no DSLR of my own, but am going to purchase one as soon as i’ve saved up. i need one to properly photograph my artwork, not to mention photography was my gateway drug into art in the first place and i’ve been composing with a lens longer than any other media.

but yah, today was sleepy, and now i’m going to bed, because i have a long day at Varney’s tomorrow…


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