I feel like a fierce child.

Picked up Brandon after school to have him help me pick out new glasses frames. After almost an hour, plenty of it freaking out that I couldn’t find a pair, (since the Sillhouettes wouldn’t work with a prescription as strong as mine) I found one made by Ogi that worked really well. They will be my first pair of tortoiseshell frames. Very dark torti. The opposite of my dilute torti cat, Lulu. This is good.

After that, I drove back to Cardwell and waited for movie night. I did a drawing of Brandon and what was in front of me. It was a fun exercise. Now that I think about it, I actually got to do three drawings today! The first one is in brush pen, of the computers and monitors that aren’t working in the F Hall computer lab at Manhattan High School. The other was a dry erase comic of the characters in the movie from physics club movie night. Will scan/take pictures at a later time.

We watched a fun movie tonight called The Man From Earth. It was both good and terrible, in that some of the dialog was great and other bits were so fail they were win. Also it was low budget, and shot in one location, so perhaps my standards were somewhat lowered, but it was definitely fun.

Met a nice person tonight, her name is Katrina. She needed help getting into her locked apartment, so we troubleshot that with her. Brandon used stalkernet to find where her roommate’s boyfriend lives and we drove there and found the roommate. Yay. Helpful creepin’!

Also I caught a toad in the rain.

Also I am all hopped up on hanging out with fun people vibes.

And that is why I feel like a fierce child. Thunderstorms often have that effect on me.


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