New research suggests that less-legible, less-elegant fonts might actually promote better recall of information. Dave Munger examines the evidence.

I am a staunch Comic-Sans hater, and not just because it’s what all the cool kids are doing. I thought it was a crime on paper when some stupid teacher handed me a worksheet in Comic Sans back in 4th grade or something. ‘WTF is this shit?’ I thought to myself as I adjusted my baggy non-ironic wolf shirt for the nth time, ‘This is even worse than Times New Roman. Why don’t those stupid computers have Palatino like my computer at home. This is just stupid and happy looking. It delights in my pain! Ugh. I’m going to fill in all its smug little empty spaces with my pencil. Take that, affront to my eyes. I’m going to make an extra nice looking PowerPoint when I skip recess today, just to make up for how bad looking this assignment is.’

Not gonna lie, I was a total overreacting tortured nerd, still am…less tortured though? maybe? nah. :P

Not lying about the PowerPoint part…that’s what I did for fun after they wouldn’t let me dig in the sand down to the clay. I’d dig out the clay and sculpt it into stuff and horde it in my desk in wet paper towels. An art nerd is an art nerd is a art nerd is an art nerd.


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