California Day 14

At East West Cafe in Sebastapol, CA again, since it is the closest place with reliable WiFi that is open until 9. Everywhere else has a bad connection or closes super early.

Went to Howard’s Cafe this morning
Kind of hectic and cold (since we were outside). We tried to drive further down Fitzpatrick lane, but everything beyond the Flinn property appears to have been bought by the vineyards. WTF!

After that we went down to the Occidental Farmers Market. It was really nice at first, all the vendors looked really great: amazing produce, good smelling food stalls,


2 thoughts on “California Day 14

  1. You need to walk down Fitzpatrick lane, not drive. It keeps going for about 1 mile. It is straight at first, then you hang a left. There are a lot of cool houses farther down the road and no more vinyards.

    1. Nope. Once you get to the vineyard they have a big no trespassing sign on Fitzpatrick Lane and a gate. It’s sad, I remember how nice of a walk it was.

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