California Day 13

Drove to Rohnert Park so Joe could buy some Salmon Jerky. It ended up being in the industrial part of town. The place didn’t have a proper storefront. It was where they prepared and packaged their wares for taking to farmers markets and online sale. Totally almost bought some smoked trout. Seeing it for sale brought back memories of the stuff they had at one of the outdoor markets in Minneapolis.

Drove to the In-N-Out Burger in Santa Rosa where I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the cheeseburger was. Lots of veggies and tasty sauce. Fries were a little underwhelming.

Then onward to the Russian River Brewing Co. to get some tasty beer. It was happy hour and I saw they offered half pints (a huge plus for smaller and less alcohol tolerant people). Unfortunately, I wanted a one of their Belgian style ales and those were only available in a 13 oz. So I got that. Kind of a mistake, I should have just gotten 2 ounce samples of my three favorites and called it good, because 13 ounces is too much for me. But I am not wasteful; I drank it all. Salvation is delicious. Super dark and malty with a B.U. of 20. This stuff is almost pitch black. Joe and Mike both had sips of it. Joe deemed me a man’s man.

Other stuff:
awesome rocks and fog and mogwai
search for a sunset at dillon beach (failed)
bodega bay deja vu
late pizza at union hotel


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