California Day 10

Made tea and toast and we ate outside since it was nice and warm. Packed lunch and went to the coast. Chose Salmon Creek Beach since it’s nice, big, easy. Joe and Mike were impressed because you could walk on the dunes and that is apparently verboten in New Jersey. Sand was really hot and there was some glass to avoid in parts, but it was still really nice. And some guy asked us for rolling papers, but we didn’t have any, lol. After we ate lunch, we took our stuff all the way back to the car for safety and then went back to walk along the beach. We went south for about 1.5 miles before turning back. I found a bunch of sand dollar remnants and gave the most complete one to Joe for a keepsake. Brandon found a slightly more intact one for Mike. I also found a large crab carapace, a gorgeous flat piece of wood with a hole in it, some crab claws, dry seaweed, etc. Oh, and bamboo rods that will make an excellent scroll top and bottom. We were all really tired from all the sun and wind and walking in sand; even my ankles were sore. I didn’t remember to bring my memory card with me, so I don’t have any pictures, but I’ll remember to bring it tomorrow when we go North.

After Salmon Creek, we went to my favorite fish and chips place, which seems to be under different management than I remember. It was insanely delicious and perfect. We all split two orders of fish and chips. Chips were perfectly crispy and fluffy, and the batter on the fish was also really crisp, and the fish itself juicy with big flakes. My only wish was that we had eaten inside, so I could have added salt to make it even more delicious. I will eat there again before I leave.

[I just took a bunch of pictures of the things I collected from the ocean. I want to line up all the non-food items that I have purchased so far as well (Japanese incense, sashiko thread, brush pen, paper, etc.)]

Then we went back home back up Coleman Valley Road, which is beautiful, but we probably should have taken Joy Road since it’s faster and we were all super pooped. A bull had gotten loose on one of the corners, but we didn’t hit it. Joe got a picture of it.

Back at the house, I rinsed off all the sand that had gotten stuck to me and got ready to go in to town if we decided to. We decided to go get ice cream and wi-fi in Sebastapol and after some ice cream at Screamin’ Mimi’s and coffee at East/ West Cafe, Joe and Company were ready for a crazy night time drive, because 9pm is too early to call it a night on vacation. We drove to Santa Rosa and then proceeded to not give a fuck where we went. I’d say that we tried to get lost, but that’s hard with to do with 2 usable GPSs in the car. Somehow managed to get all the way to Rohnert Park without realizing it, and then stumbled into Cotati. Nowhere was open, so I asked Joe to google diners in the area and he found on that was still open (till midnight) back in Santa Rosa. So we drove all the way back to Santa Rosa, had a thorough diner experience and finally got back home at 12:20. I managed to find Joe some Aloe Vera gel for his sunburned face.

I’m pooped, my eyes feel dry and scratchy, and I have heartburn; but today was a lot of fun. Though, I have a feeling my quads and calves are gonna be killing me tomorrow.


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