Well I’ve been out in California on my “honeymoon” for almost a week. I use that term that way, because it’s really just a long vacation, the same way the wedding was mostly just a get together of friends and family to formalize our bond in front of them. Nothing changed between Brandon and I that day, which is good. Also, it’s not your typical honeymoon of hole up somewhere and fuck like rabbits. Part of it we’re staying with friends, and part of it we’re having friends visit us, which has really weirded out the old folks. I assure you we’re not having orgies with our friends old or new.

I have all this great in detail stuff written up about what we’ve been up to: the food, the shopping, the wild beauty of Sonoma’s coast. Unfortunately, it’s all written in one of my moleskines, which I left at the house in Occidental, where we don’t have internet…I also have a ton of pictures that I’ve taken with the aid of the lovely Havana Mahoney’s Nikon D90. They were shot in RAW though, and Brandon’s PC laptop doesn’t know what to do with that. FAIL. So, though it will take up more space (I just bought a portable 1T hard drive, so I shouldn’t worry about that), the rest of the time I’ll be shooting in RAW + JPEG, so I can at least upload previews of the final images.

I guess the solution is this. When I get back to Occidental:
1. retrieve moleskine
2. type out everything on Brandon’s netbook
3. go to Howard’s cafe
4. Order something tasty and use their wifi and set all the posts to publish at some future time.

In the meantime, I’m going to search for Freeware that Brandon can use to edit the RAW files.

Thanks to Mike for lending Brandon and I his nice big queen size bed AND company AND Internet when we come down to Berkeley. Which was last weekend and yesterday. Today we pick up Joe and his brother (also a Mike) at 11am, super excited!

Finally, 3 quick observations:
1. I love how they just leave their windows open all the time and it is magically the right temperature and fresh in the house. Definitely can’t do that back in Kansas.
2. It’s always the right temperature for the clothes I like to wear best.
3. I haven’t run into a proper letterpress press yet, surely they exist, yet part of me wants to believe that I could still exist out here doing one of the things I love most.


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