Cali-information Part II

On second thought I’m going to give a quick list of some of the awesome out here:

1. Airplane seat switch-a-roo with an Urdu-speaking couple, an old Japanese couple, and Brandon & I; that resulted in all of us being very happy and talking in our respective languages about what I assume was the same thing.

2. Tracie Vittore, Mike’s girlfriend, is totally awesome and I respect her a great deal. She also has wicked-sweet, long ginger locks. She drives like a baller at all times.

3. I still hate the Cobb spiders that live in the house in Occidental.

4. I still love the ravens croaking to each other in the redwood forest that surrounds the house in Occidental.

5. Foggiest beach is best beach.

6. Food I’ve made: lots of tasty salad, homemade marinara, pasta, fried new potatoes in rosemary and bacon fat, fried Rex Sole (NEVER BUY THIS AGAIN, SO MANY BONES), garlic toast; pinto beans (soaked, not from can, much tastier soaked) with rosemary, onions, garlic, cayenne, honey, and soy sauce (really yummy, like a California version of baked beans), and meat & butter sandwiches (one was roast beef, the other chipotle turkey, whole foods has the best deli meats) on sourdough bread.

7. Foods eaten out:
-Dim Sum @ Yank Sing (10/10)
-Lemon Ricotta hotcakes @ Venus (9/10)
-Pork and Shrimp DIY Summer Rolls @ Ahn Hong (9/10)
-Salted Strachiatella and Green Tea Gelato @ Lush (10/10)


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