California Day 5

Woke up around 9 and made biscuits. They turned out crazy good despite using the butter that tasted like fridge (yuk). One biscuit and 5 cups of black tea was breakfast. Brandon and I planned our day and then got ready to go. We went to the art store in Santa Rosa first. It was really amazing and huge. Probably one of the biggest I’ve been in. Crazy well stocked, they had a decent sized book arts section and many different varieties of relief and etching inks. I had no idea Charbonnel made a water-soluble ink. Huge paper department as well. I bought Nori paste, 2 fine pen nibs, and #11 exacto blades.

After that we tried to find the Comp USA, which has been turned into a Circuit City, which then went out of business. So we went next door to the Borders and used their WiFi to find another electronics store. We ended up going to the Best Buy down the road. I bought a new portable hard drive which I have named Kuro. It’s 1 Terabyte and USB 3 compatible.


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