California Day 3

Breakfast at Venus. So decadent. I had the Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes with a side of bacon. The hotcakes were melt in the mouth delicate with good lemon/lemon zest flavor. They also came with blueberry sauce, lemon curd, and maple syrup. LIke I said, DECADENT! And the mocha i got, was made with Scharffen Berger cocoa and really thick whipped cream. I have a feeling it was made with cream that wasn’t ultra-pasturized since that whips up thicker without turning into butter. 100% Legit.

Tracy drove Mike and Brandon and I up to Sonoma to pick up the rental car; i found some nice lichen.
We met at Santa Rosa, ate at Russian River Brewing Co.
We shared a beer flight and some underwhelming pizza.

Aud Blonde: light, pretty boozy, mildly bitter, meh.
O.V.L. Stout: smooth, bitter, meh.
Bling Pig IPA: fruity herb punch in the face, then hops, one of my favorites.
Russian River IPA: typical IPA, bitter, heavier.
Pliny the Elder: fucking delicious, nice balance, kinda fruity.
Little White Lie: really light, not really there, delicate.
Redemption: light, would go well with spicy food.
Perdition: yummy, kind of like honey.
Defenestration: tasty, not sure why, pretty hoppy, like little white lie on hops.
Salvation: like beer wine, tasty like the old china beer that Dogfish Head makes, malty, ultra dark yumyum.
Sanctification: tart like lemon.
Supplication: boozy pomegranate juice, Brandon loved this one
Consecration: tart wine wtf, dragonfire, Brandon also loved this one.
Damnation: really boozy, hot.

Brandon and I drive on to Sebastapol and go shopping @ Whole Foods.
Drive to house, I make dinner of pasta and tomato sauce and chard.


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