California Day 2

Went to DimSum at Yank Sing and it was amazing. I had my first Shanghai Soup Dumplings. They were quite yummy. We also got: Scallop and Chive Har Gau, Peking Duck in Steamed Bread, Shumai, Baked Char Siu Bao, Yellow Bean Sesame Balls, Pan-fried Leek Tart, Turnip Cake, Jioazi, and Steamed Gai Lan. Then we drove to Japantown to look at paper stores. The Paper Store I wanted to go in was closed, but we went to Japantown and had a great time at the stationary store, the ceramics store, and the discount stores (Brandon called the one where everything was $1.50 the Jollah Tree, lol). I wanted to get so many books at Kinokuniya, but had to be thrifty so I bought a really cute bag that I had seen before at Boston’s Kinokuniya. It’s beige with bark colored rough polka dots and skulls. It is supposed to represent the transience of life and the 108 beads on a Buddhist rosary. I am a fan because it is a subtle skull pattern, and something I like that isn’t black (an uncommon occurrence).

Books I saw in the Kinokuniya that looked awesome
Structural Package Designs (CD with templates) / Pepin
Blank: A Book on Printing / Art Power
How to Disappear / Moki
By Hand / Mung and Magliaro
Dangerous Beauties : Dutiful Wives / Brown
Simple Chic / Machiko Kayaki
Pattern Magic 1 / Tomoko Nakamura
Pattern Magic 2 / Tomoko Nakamura
Pattern Magic 3 / Tomoko Nakamura
Stitch Magic / Alison Reid
Linen Wool Cotton / Akiko Manu
Very Small Shops / John Stomes
Small Eco Houses / Living Green in Style
Noh Omote Postcard Book / Tamagawa University Press
Drape Drape / Hisako Sato

After that we went back home and chilled out from 4-9 during MIke’s office hours. After which we went to Fenton’s and got yummy burgers and huge crazy ice cream sundaes.

SO FULL. passed out like a baby.


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