California Day 1

Josh picked us up at 9 am and we got to Lawrence around 10. We went immediately to Wheatfields, but they weren’t serving lunch yet, so we went to Brakker’s Good Earth Clay to pick up some slip casting clay Josh needed and then went back to Wheatfields. I got the #9 Turkey Cranberry on a baguette and Brandon got a salad. I saved half the #9 for later. Even though I packed a big bag of food for the flight and drive, I was totally glad for that sandwich later. Having the flights broken up into 3 parts was kind of nice actually. The last flight was because something really neat happened with the seating situation. Then, Tracie and Mike picked us up from the airport and to Mike’s apartment in Berkeley. One of his roommates was drunk asleep on the couch. We tried to be quiet. Mike fed us his Slow-Cooker Pork and Toast. It was yummy.

We passed out on Mike’s bed.
I stole the soft comforter.
I regret nothing.


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