The Thousand Autumns of Jakob De Zoet, Albrecht Dürer, & rabbits

This damn cold ( I figured out it’s one of the viruses that cause the common cold rather than the flu or a bacterial infection) has had me bedridden all day. I managed to finish reading The Thousand Autumns of Jakob De Zoet. It had such promise, but then this weird secondary plot which seemed like another book entirely occurred in the middle of what would have otherwise been quite a good historical fiction story and proceeded to not only jar the pacing of the take, but derail the thing entirely. And then on top of that, even if one felt like rolling with the what-the-fuckery of a Shinto priest utilizing the babies of gang raped nuns in some kind of soul-juicing ritual (for immortality serum of course), which we never even see, the ending feels utterly unsatisfactory. It’s like after the author killed off the villain in this fairly cool, melancholy climax, he suddenly realized that he had a bajillion other loose plot lines to tie up and goes about it in an utterly perfunctory fashion.

But I digress…after finishing it I was deeply in need of doing something worthwhile. In a fit of slight fever delirium, I sought out decent paper and pencils and proceeded to draw an idea that had been poking about in my head. Matt Walsh of The Band of the Hollow Log sent me a text on June 24th that said the following:

My wife found a rabbit head in our backyard when she was mowing the lawn earlier. I asked if she kept it (for my friend Flinn), but she had tossed it…

So today, on a long vertical pad of Strathmore cold press watercolor paper, I began my drawing of the head of a cottontail rabbit. Which brings me to one of my favorite works of art. Albrecht Dürer’s study of a hare.

It’s turing out quite well. I’m glad I can still draw. My most recent drawings before this were character illustrations for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I’ve been involved in. Not that that isn’t fun, I love doing character design and clothing design etc., etc…

but sometimes it’s good to be confined to one’s bed I suppose.

The rabbit head can go with my other works about memories of things real and imagined. It’s a nice little series, that has a lot to do with how my memory works and a nice dose of storytelling.


Others in this series that have yet to be drawn:

  1.  that perfect moment on Interstate 70 with the insane white house, blue sky, and green grass
  2. my favorite tree on interstate 70
  3. the day that the sign to Exit 313 to Manhattan was mangled beyond belief by the high winds (I pulled off the road and took some self portraits next to it)
  4. the day we slaughtered chickens, there’s probably 3 drawings from that
  5. the deer foreleg that Howard found for me as we were cleaning out our Intaglio drawers. It was just laying right on the sidewalk, covered in ants, like the ear in Blue Velvet.

One thought on “The Thousand Autumns of Jakob De Zoet, Albrecht Dürer, & rabbits

  1. I slaughtered chickens at a friends house once. The way the mouth moves after the head is cut off is crazy, also the neck vein spurting while running around is terrifying.

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