Mom and foxes and the Barter System

Mom is visiting Kansas for about a month and a half. She was last back in March. It’s pretty hard on her, because to her Anacortes, WA is just a much better fit than Manhattan, KS ever was. For starters it’s really hard trying to find a restaurant that she can eat at/enjoy since she’s strictly Pescatarian. We ate at Green Tea Sushi last night and it was really lackluster. The rice was much too dry and wasn’t compacted properly. My saba (nigiri-zushi) completely fell apart. And their sauces are always too sweet, what’s up with that? Anyway, Mom made tostadas tonight and they were really good, she also made some zuccini and summer squash with red bell pepper as a side dish, yum. I had missed her cooking so much. It’s kind of a bummer that I won’t get to see her much during her visit, because she and Dad will be going up to Ann Arbor to visit her family and check in on them. Then a week after she gets back, Brandon and I will be off on our California Honeymoon Adventure Quest for 3 weeks and 3 days after I get back, Mom goes back to Washington. Oh well, I hope to finally visit out there for Thanksgiving or Winter Holiday now that my friend Samantha has a place in Seattle.

Beyond that, I saw the two foxes that live in my Dad’s neighborhood a week ago and yet again tonight. They are very cute red foxes with quite a bit of silver tipping to their guard hairs.

Megan and Brandon and I are trying out the barter system. It makes awesome sense for most of my friends and I who are all quite talented and know a variety of skills, but aren’t exactly using those skills in their day jobs or being well paid by said jobs. Also having Megan over is a blast, Brandon and I don’t get too many visitors, but I love having people over and feeding them. I just need to get this house in better shape.

Not that this damn head cold is helping any. I’ve had this thing for 3 days, and now it’s all phlegmy in my throat and I’m very congested. I didn’t get sick during the fall or winter when I was working in the schools and EVERYONE in my house was sick. WTF summer cold.


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