MXTW update

I just finished all the typing for my Stein group that I’m co-directing with Josh. So much good materia, but I look forward to cutting it down into a good size and organizing it on Sunday. Also I got to translate a bunch of Swedish, which made me really happy, because it’s kind of like English and kind of like German and has so many nice sounds and I can guess the meaning of words a decent amount of the time (especially for not having kept up on my German like I should have. I’m so out of practice.)

Vatten som kluckar mot bryggan och nuddar mina bara fötter en varm eftermiddag i augusti.
Water laps against the pier and touches my bare feet on a hot afternoon in August.

So tired. I got off of my proper sleeping schedule again. I stayed up till 1am yesterday and woke up at 5am, because it was too hot in the house. Eating 7 Tiger wings at Hibachi Hut might have also had something to do with it. On the upside though, for me at least, Hibachi Hut is officially the best restaurant in Manhattan now. The combination of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had, excellent gumbo (roux thickened) and corn bread, and sweet potato tater tots is so full of win. I cannot believe that a week ago I had never eaten there or even thought of it. And if you like the idea of Cool-Aid and booze, get a carafe of sangria on a Thursday with your wings.


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