Done with MHS (until August)

I am so glad to have 45 hours of my week freed up now (wake up at 6:30, get home by 3:30, if I’m lucky). I can start waking up at a reasonable time between 7:30 and 9am, and can work on getting my house cleaned up into something I can call home, instead of it looking like we’re all squatting in post-apocalyptic squalor. I will also have more time for my press, it’s just been sitting lonely in my studio. Though, I did make a cardboard box to house the rollers properly, so they are suspended. I need to buy a key to get the weird quoins (similar to Wickersham quoins, but don’t say Wickersham on bottom, has a large square for the key shape) unlocked so I can remove the Boxcar Press base (which my previous magnetic plates don’t work with), and try out the old art nouveau wood mounted plates that were a wedding present from my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.


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