Saturday: Breakfast and The Food Trucks

wake up through on some clothes, grab my workout clothes, run out the door

making breakfast at the Daughter’s House Bed & Breakfast
-KSU (Call Hall) Pork Sausage Links
-Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus Tips (the eggs are local)
-Toast and Jam
-water/juice/coffee (beans from Radina’s)
-Granola, yogurt, mixed berry parfaits (the granola is from a Ina Garten recipe, I highly recommend it)

working at Varney’s Bookstore, it was pretty slow, I cut one purple window mat and helped people find the restrooms

ran around with Brandon chasing Roxie’s food truck so I could get some food before MXTW. Alas it was not to be. They dropped me off at my car and I was 10 minutes late to the meeting. Brandon came by a little later and dropped off some Burger King so I wouldn’t pass out, since I hadn’t eaten since 7am.

The director’s always arrive early to set up and divide up work for the sessions. 30 minutes later the session starts and we stretch do exercises, readings, more exercises and then the kids go home at 6pm. We stay after for another 30 minutes to make sure the kids’ rides arrive, clean up, do a bit of post-session business, etc.

Starving again. Couldn’t get a hold of Brandon, so I called up dad and he had bought some sushi from Dillons, so i went to his house and shared that with him. Brandon called me up about an hour later and said he had been in line for the past 3.5 hours and that Josh and Dane were also in other lines and they had food and I should come down and eat. It was phenomenal food. It was so cold out, but eating on the gritty concrete under a florescent light and suffering with your roommates and friends is awesome, and made the food that much more appreciated. My favorites were from Lime Truck and Korilla. What I ate:
-Pork Burrito
-Beef Bogolgi Burrito
-Fried Egg Sandwich (Dane took the first bit and the yolk exploded all over him, he gave me the rest, it was like an Eggs Benedict sandwich)
-Deep Fried Bacon with Maple Syrup (holy shit, so good. especially having a bite of the Korilla food.)
-Smokey French fries with Aioli: tasted like they were fried in the same oil as the bacon, best french fries made with Russet Potato that I’ve ever had.
-Swiss Cake Roll Tempura (so crispy, and i had no idea what it was at first. I thought it might have been a chocolate and red bean paste concoction based on the flavor and texture.)
-Lime Truck Mac Attack Mac and Cheese (mediocre, especially compared to everything else we had).

Then I got home and remembered that I had to get together with Katie and make the Breakfast Casserole for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I was pooped and needed to sleep, badly. Messaged Katie and she was in the same boat. I said I’d arrive an hour early in the morning and get it started. Passed out around 11:30pm.


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