Well, yesterday Brandon’s parents drove the family down to Kansas City to see Kevin and Bev and pick up my letterpress which they graciously transported from Chicago to their home in KC. We stopped in Lawrence on the way there and ate at Wheatfields. I met up with Havana outside and gave her the cute pic of her and Ty that Uncle John shot at the wedding.

Out of all the places in Lawrence, I miss Wheatfields the most, there is no substitute for its artisan breads, luxurious pastries, and delicious sandwiches, not to mention the salads (with honey-poppyseed dressing, yum), quiche, empanadas, and focaccia. Luckily we DO have an excellent coffehouse, Radina’s, but their baked good and sandwiches pale in comparison. I got one of my favorites, the Number 5: Chicken Breast, Roasted Red Pepper, Swiss Cheese, Red Onion, red wine vinaigrette, and homemade Mayonnaise on a big half a baguette. Two meals from that one! I toasted it for lunch today after removing the lettuce. I also bought a loaf of the Pecan Raisin, but I digress…

After Wheatfields, we went to Kevin and Bev’s and looked at lots of old Jennison family pictures and loaded up the press. I was a little worried at first because the rollers weren’t on the press, but they were wrapped up in some plastic bags with the ink. My second worry came when I noticed the ink disc wasn’t rotating with each pull of the lever, but then Kevin noticed that the disc level pawl wasn’t in the right position, but I’ll get it into the right position after work today when we move it to my studio. I’m either going to buy a cabinet from Maynard’s or ask Charlie to build me a table that’s the right height to set the press on. Super excited to get Two Crow Press up and running.

Later yesterday, we ate at a BBQ joint called Jack Stack. It was too sweet for how I like my BBQ to be, but the beans were pretty good. Gave Kevin and Bev their eclairs I got them from Wheatfields and Charlie drove us home. We got back around 11pm and I was kind bummed out to have spent so little time in Lawrence and miss watching Game of Thrones with dad, but ultimately I now have my letterpress so that is worth it.


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