Where I am

I haven’t drawn seriously in 8 months. I haven’t touched a letterpress in 5 months. I did manage to take some really nice pictures of fungi and worm eaten logs while in the woods at Latham over Christmas. Also I am really close to being able to buy my own letterpress, the right one just needs to pop up on ebay.

I now work three jobs:

1. Daughter’s House Bed and Breakfast – 8 hours

2. Varney’s Bookstore (Textbooks) – 11-21 hours

3. MHS East Campus Computer Lab Aide – 19 hours

This is the most jobs and hours I have ever worked. It’s definitely taken some getting used to. But my feet don’t ache anymore at 8 hour shifts, and I feel kind of awesome waking up at 6:30 am. Also I found two crow wings at MHS yesterday. It was a good omen. I’m really glad for the MHS job. I hope that it might help a little bit with recruiting for MXTW.

Ella House is still in complete disarray and probably will be until warm weather comes again and we can take a couch and two recliners to the dump without freezing our butts off. We still need to apply for trash service of some kind. I want to have people over, but there is almost no room to properly entertain more than two people, let alone have a dinner gathering.

I am very grateful to everyone who came and celebrated in person or in spirit with Brandon and me on 10.10.10. It was pretty awesome. And I need to write thank you notes with Brandon, but trying to find coinciding free-time has been a challenge. Thank you for being understanding and hopefully not thinking we are a bunch of ungrateful douchebags.

In short: As is usual with human lives: Things have been hectic, many changes have occurred, but there is some sort of stasis being achieved. Finding some sort of balance in between cooking and cleaning/working/artwork/personal relationships needs to happen. Right now it is skewed to far towards domestic stuff and making money at jobs. This isn’t completely unfulfilling, but I miss my art, and I miss people. I’m going to try harder at those now that I don’t have to worry about steady revenue as much.



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