I’m going insane (also this burn is itchy)

I’ve been unemployed for about a month now, and job searching is making me crazy. But the thing worse than that is feeling that I simultaneously have too much to do and nothing to do. I have a lot of stuff left to do for the wedding, but a lot of it is contingent upon knowing how many persons will decide to show up. So i sit online and source things like sake, pouring vessels, and that leads me to have an undying lust for the knowledge of the anagama kiln and ceramics in general. However I don’t have enough money to go down to the korean grocery and buy some baby bok choy or komatsuna, much less afford a workshop at Penland or something similar.

In my searches however, i did find this artist. She amazing and i love her creatures: http://evafunderburgh.com

Also, I fear a lack of folate, and green foods in general, is adding to my slip into the tar pit of summer malaise. I need my own studio space, and I can’t wait to move to the new house and set up a proper studio again.


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